Rachel Lindsay's Wedding Must-Haves Probably Top Your List, Too

The Former Bachelorette Has Two Main Wedding Priorities

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Bryan

Ray Tamarra

Bachelor Nation has been waiting for a wedding ever since The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay got engaged to Bryan Absasolo at the end of the reality show's 13th season. While the couple sadly has yet to reveal a date (or whether it will be televised), Lindsay recently dished on the details of her dream wedding.

"Everybody knows I love to dance. So must-haves for me are a great playlist, a great DJ," Lindsay told US Weekly. "And I’m really into flowers. I used to be that chick that was like, 'Don’t give me flowers. They’re just going to die.' And now I’m like, 'I love flowers.' So I really want beautiful arrangements."

Nothing can liven up a wedding better than music and flowers (P.S. Rachel, if you're reading this, check out our roundup of the 56 best wedding songs of 2018. You might want to steal a tune or two).

Lindsay also admitted to US Weekly that she originally envisioned having a courthouse wedding, but plans changed when Absasolo came into the picture.

"Now that I found the perfect guy for me, I want to have the perfect wedding for us," she said. "I have no idea what I’m doing. So this is exciting for me and scary for me at the same time. And a little overwhelming. I’m all over the place." Based on the fact that the couple had, not one, but two celebratory engagement parties, we have no doubt Lindsay will pull off a beautiful wedding. And, judging by her enviable custom Monique Lhuillier engagement party dress, we also have high hopes for her actual wedding gown.

When it comes to planning, though, it seems like Lindsay has to take the reigns. The 32-year-old lawyer revealed that her fiancé doesn't care much for making major wedding decisions.

"Bryan is totally taking a backseat," she said. "Bryan is really the guy who is like, 'I just want my family and friends to be there. He’s like, 'I’ll just show up.'" Regardless, he better be content with lots of florals and bumpin' tunes!

And although many of the other big-day details are still up in the air, we do know who will be one of the event's guests of honor—Lindsay's beloved dog, Cooper Ash. She has yet to determine her furry friend's role in the wedding, but she confirmed that he'll definitely be a part of her big day in some way. "He already has his bowtie!" she said. That will be one dapper dog.

Despite taking their time with all things wedding-related, Lindsay and her chiropractor beau did take their engagement to the next level last year when they moved in together. The duo revealed during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that they currently share a residence in Dallas, Texas, where Lindsay grew up. Abasolo also obtained a Texas chiropractic license so he could work in his new home.

"This is my city. This is where I was born and raised, but it's been forever since I've had a man with me here, and let alone a fiancé," Lindsay said during the interview. "It's great to have Bryan here with me and to show him my city and where I'm from. I'm glad he loves it. That's what's key."

Best of luck to Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Absasolo as they plan their nuptials, and we hope some of our fave Bachelor Nation contestants land an invite (even Lucas with his signature WhaBooms).

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