Rachel Bilson Might Have More Babies With Hayden Christensen

Maybe, maybe not

Updated 08/08/17

Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage/Getty Images

Rachel Bilson is one celebrity who likes to keep her private life, well, private. So whenever she talks about partner Hayden Christensen or their daughter, Briar Rose, our ears perk up.

The Hart of Dixie actress is on the cover of Lapalme Magazine and, according to Just Jared, Bilson opens up about her family life. "I may have another child, that's still up in the air," Bilson said. "I’m having so much fun with the one right now. I want to be happy and content. All the life BS that happens doesn't matter. You want to be happy, you want your kid to be happy, and you want everyone in your life to be healthy and happy." Amen. We love that she's not putting pressure on herself or her family in either direction.

The former O.C. star also opened up about the first time she met Hayden, in 2007 while filming the movie Jumper. "That was an amazing experience," Rachel said. "It was the most precious time. We were shooting in Italy and inside the Coliseum...The role was fulfilling, but also everything was fulfilling as a life experience, it was one of the best times."

As for how Bilson balances work and family these days, she says her daughter, who is 2 years old, already loves traveling. "She's already a pro on an airplane. She'll say, 'It's time to put up my tray!'" Which should come in handy when the family travels to all the weddings Rachel has been in recently. Could a 27 Dresses remake be in her future?

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