Watch Queer Eye's Fab Five Help a Stranger Propose to His Girlfriend

This lucky groom got tips from the best of the best.

Updated 06/15/18

Queer Eye's Fab Five Help a Stranger Create a Perfect Marriage Proposal

Queer Eye's Fab Five have helped clueless straight men with everything from how to upgrade a wardrobe to eating like a gentleman. But the crew's latest challenge goes beyond just changing a man's day-to-day routine: the group teamed up with Brides to help one man nail the biggest moment of his life—proposing to his girlfriend!

Jake, a California resident and soon-to-be groom, called up the Queer Eye team for their expertise on how to create the perfect proposal—including where to pop the question, how to dress for the big moment, and which ring to choose. The Fab Five, which includes style expert Tan France, chef Antoni Porowski, culture expert Karamo Brown, hairdresser Jonathan Van Ness, and interior designer Bobby Berk, assisted Jake through each of his concerns and in quintessential Queer Eye fashion, each gave him a very opinionated take on exactly how to pull off that "perfect" proposal.

Jake started off his questioning by asking Berk where exactly to pop the question—at the couple's favorite local bar or at a nearby bookstore? Jake explained that his girlfriend is an avid reader, and the entire Fab Five unanimously agreed: a bookstore proposal (perhaps including a book of love poems!) at The Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles would be the more romantic of the two spots.

He then turned to Brown, asking which ring he should gift his bride: a traditional diamond ring or an edgy band featuring a skull. Brown was quick to recommend the skull ring, but the others disagreed, saying it was a bit too risky. They ultimately agreed that he should follow his heart, and go with what he believes will best fit their relationship.

"Don't forget the wedding ring Aiden gave Carrie, honey," Van Ness added, referencing the notorious Sex and the City engagement ring dilemma.

Jake asked for Porowski's suggestion on whether to propose before or after dinner. The Canadian chef explained that popping the question while too full or while starving were both poor choices, and that opting for a light meal of vegetables and meat first would be the best option.

The final set of questions was geared towards Van Ness and France, regarding Jake's attire for the big night. Jake revealed that he was concerned that if he looked too nice, his girlfriend might catch on to the surprise. Both France and Van Ness agreed that the look he had going was perfect, and "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Once again, the Fab Five saves the day! Watch the video above to see how their expert advice and Jake's proposal played out.

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