These Are the Three Brooches Queen Elizabeth Could Wear to the Royal Wedding

Check out these accessories (literally) fit for a queen

Updated 03/21/18

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The world is waiting with bated breath to see what Meghan Markle (and Prince Harry) will be wearing as they walk down the aisle during the May 19 royal wedding. But let's not forget about the wedding look for the other royal female star-of-the-show—the matriarch herself, Queen Elizabeth. At 91 years old, the Queen of England has her own polished signature style and even made her first appearance at London Fashion Week this year (seated next to none other than Anna Wintour), so naturally she'll have some new clothing inspiration to bust out for Harry and Markle's nuptials. While we don't know whether the Queen will depart from her standard color-coordinated-dress-and-peacoat look, we do have a few indications of how she might accessorize for her grandson's big day.

Tanya Dukes, jewelry editor and stylist, weighed in on the brooches Queen Elizabeth II could sport during the royal wedding (because brooch-repeating is no biggie when you're of royal status). According to Dukes, one of the Queen's top contenders is the Williamson brooch, a flower-shaped pin that is one of her go-to's for high profile events. "Besides being one of the Queen’s favorites, it has a connection to Canada—also a member of the British Commonwealth—Markle’s adopted home while shooting the TV series Suits," says Dukes.

Queen Elizabeth was gifted the brooch's center stone, a light pink diamond, by gemologist John Williamson in 1947, who discovered it outside a Tanzanian mine, according to Dukes. "[The brooch] is the shape of a jonquil blossom, a flower that’s said to represent prosperity and domestic harmony," says Dukes. Her Majesty chose this accessory to wear at both of her sons' weddings, so it could just as well make an appearance at Prince Harry's nuptials.

Another floral option is the Botswana sorghum brooch, which the president of Botswana gave the Queen in 2007, according to Dukes. Botswana holds special meaning to Harry and his future bride, since they vacationed there early in their relationship, and Markle's engagement ring features a center diamond from the country.

"Since the couple clearly has a fondness for Botswana, the Queen may decide to take a sentimental route and wear jewelry that references that connection," says Dukes. "Studded with 11 exquisite pear-shaped diamonds set in yellow gold, the piece depicts two graceful sprigs of sorghum, a grain that’s an important crop for the African nation."

Last but certainly not least, Her Majesty could also accessorize with the same brooch she wore for Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011. "Even in a collection of exceptional brooches, the True Lover's Knot design is a standout. It’s a massive, diamond-encrusted bow composed of looping, scalloped lines," Dukes says of the brooch. "The jewel was passed down to Elizabeth from her grandmother Queen Mary and the sweet symbolism of a knotted ribbon motif is particularly well suited for a wedding day."

At her first grandson's wedding, the Queen paired the dazzling add-on with a bright all-yellow look, and there's no telling what outfit the matriarch will wear for Harry's nuptials.

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Each of these three pieces from the Queen's collection features diamonds, which Dukes points out make them fit for a royal wedding because this gemstone symbolizes love and adoration. "Also, thanks to their hardiness, rarity, and class, diamonds are crowned the 'king of all gems,' making them the perfect accessory for all important occasions, especially royal events," Dukes added.

While we can't contain our excitement to finally see Meghan Markle in a wedding dress, we must admit these brooch options are also giving us high hopes for the Queen's look.

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