Queen Elizabeth II Sparks False Royal Baby Alarm With Pink Blankets and Motorcade


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With Meghan Markle due any day now, “signs” that the newest royal may have made his or her way into the world can be found just about anywhere—just ask Queen Elizabeth II!

The monarch, 93, caused an absolute frenzy when she took a motorcade to Windsor Castle to present a service of the Royal Victorian Order at St. George’s chapel for an audience of 1,200 on Friday, May 3.

While her vehicular escorts were normal enough, the Queen’s cargo—pink blankets in the window—along with some cautious driving was enough to convince by-passers that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first child had arrived.

Finance worker Tamoor Ali spoke to The Sun about his suspicions: “We had got off the M4 and a police motorbike stopped us and asked us to pull to the left. Then we saw a vehicle that had pink paraphernalia at the back of the windscreen go past—it was going very slowly over speed bumps,” he said. “It seemed like someone was in there who couldn't handle speedbumps—a baby. It seems to me that the baby is here and they haven't announced it yet.'

The Palace quickly debunked buzz that the former Suits actress had given birth one day prior in a statement to CBS News, announcing that the baby “hasn’t been born yet.”

Late last month, an ambulance parked near Meghan and Harry's home at Frogmore Cottage also sparked a false alarm, with many speculating that Meghan must be going into labor.

Telegraph’s Camilla Tominey denied the rumors, however, saying that the driver was manning a “training vehicle picking up food for students while out and about all day, according to South Central Ambulance Service.”

The internet also panicked on Monday, April 29, after the Royal Instagram account uploaded a photo of Sophie, Countess of Sussex leaning down to smile at a baby being held by a nurse.

Those that took the time to read the caption, however, quickly realized that Sophie was in India on her final overseas tour as Vice-Patron of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.

Meghan said she is due “around April” back in January.

Royal ITV editor Chris Ship told Good Morning Britain that the baby could come any day after April 26: “We know the baby is due, in fact I can tell you that the due date is pretty much today,” he revealed to viewers. “Today, tomorrow, we really are in the realms of imminent arrival.”

And of course, there's also the theories that the baby already has been born and is simply being kept hidden in an effort to protect the family's privacy.

In the meantime, it sounds like everyone could use one big, collective deep breath!

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