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Can We Put Wedding Planning On Hold for the Holidays?

The holiday season can certainly add a lot more to your to-do list.


Whether you’re newly engaged or coming to the end of your wedding planning, the holiday season can add a lot more to your to-do list. There’s shopping for gifts, holiday parties, hosting family and friends, and travel—which doesn’t leave much time for planning a wedding! Can you press pause for a little while and focus on just enjoying the season? Here’s what our experts have to say.

Absolutely! Adding a list of holiday season tasks to your wedding to-do list can be totally overwhelming, and while you can’t postpone the holidays, you can definitely wait a week or two to get to the next wedding item that needs to be crossed off. Newly engaged? By all means, take some time to enjoy the feeling. Raise a glass of champagne, then get down to it once the holidays wind down. There are, however, a few things you’ll want to address before you officially press “pause.”

If you’ve just gotten engaged and are hoping for a shorter engagement, you may want to pick a wedding date—just so you know how much time you’ll have to work with after the holidays are over. It’s also a good idea to at least send inquiries to big vendors (think your planner, venue, and photographer) to get the ball rolling. If you find someone you love, get a contract signed and lock in your date so those major details are covered, then give yourselves some time to enjoy the moment!

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For those couples deep into wedding planning, taking a break can’t happen until you’ve got those timelines and to-do lists under control. Take a close look at any upcoming deadlines, whether it’s payments that are due or rental orders that need to be finalized. If you can, get those items done in advance—which will make coming back from your break so much easier. It’s also important to let your vendors know about the time you’ll be taking off. You definitely don’t want your florist to think you’re ghosting them, so a heads-up will keep your team from feeling frustrated if they don’t hear from you quickly. This will also give your vendors a chance to let you know if there’s something that needs to be taken care of ASAP. While you’re at it, let your wedding party and parents know about your break, too. Sure, a quick status update at the Thanksgiving table is nice, but if you really want a planning break, you won’t want to spend all of Black Friday discussing your table design or bridesmaids’ dresses.

Finally, if you’re going to put planning on hold until after the holidays, you and your partner need to stick to it! Mace a pact to keep all that wedding talk to a minimum—no matter how many questions your families ask. Agree to jot down any questions or ideas that come to mind on a note-sharing app or in a back-and-forth email chain so it’s all in one place. But remember, once you’ve written it down, set the list aside and tackle it later!

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It might seem like an impossible idea, but taking a week or so away from planning your wedding can do wonders for your perspective. It will give you a little time to mull over decisions without feeling the pressure of looming deadlines, and will give you a fresh outlook that could result in a fun idea you’d never considered before. And of course, it’s a serious dose of R&R and time together, which is great for your relationship with one another and with your families and friends. Put that stress out of your mind and focus on the fun and joy of the season—a week off definitely won’t hurt!

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