This Prosecco Van Is the Cutest Way to Serve Bubbly on Your Wedding Day

The Bubble Bros are reinventing the way we do a champagne toast

Updated 07/25/17

Summer brides, listen up—if there's one thing you should splurge on come wedding planning time, it's Bubble Bros' adorable Prosecco van, which serves up bubbly in the most Instagrammable way. Founded by Joe Bruce and Ben Broad, the UK-based company on wheels is totally turning the traditional champagne toast on its head. Um, it's about time!

The idea for their boozy little bus actually happened upon circumstance. Bruce and Broad, flocking to summer festivals as a reprieve to long hours spent at their advertising agency jobs, were fascinated by a conversation Bruce's wife overheard at Wilderness Festival in Cornbury Park. She told the pair that a particularly distraught festival-goer was complaining about the park's lack of cold Prosecco—and immediately a lightbulb went off in both of their minds.

"As fellow lovers of all things bubbly, and seeing the opportunity to do something a little different, we went into business and the Bubble Bros were born," Bruce told BRIDES.

But Prosecco isn't the only thing at which these business partners excel. They're also self-proclaimed vintage car lovers, and that hobby is pretty obvious to the eye when you check out their beloved "Ape." The three-wheeled Piaggio Ape, imported from Italy and compact enough to fit into most event spaces, serves flash-cooled Glera Frizzante on tap, meaning you don't have to pre-chill hundreds of wine bottles beforehand. Phew!

Each barrel of Glera Frizzante contains 160 glasses of refreshing, on-tap sparkling wine. Needless to say, your guests will VERY be satisfied for the rest of the night.

Now is the part where we get to the bad news, American brides. The company is currently only operating in the UK, but is planning on expanding stateside after jumping through some logistical and legal hoops. Keep your fingers crossed! In the meantime, check out our series on signature wedding cocktails that will make your guests go "whoa."

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