Would You Wear a Secondhand Engagement Ring?

Updated 08/14/19

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You've probably heard of the new trend of brides-to-be paying for some or all of their engagement rings themselves. But have you heard about the used-engagement ring trend? Whether it's because of a limited budget or a desire to wear vintage bling, some couples are considering buying secondhand engagement rings these days. Is another bride's cast-off bad luck? Or a bargain? We asked readers to weigh in on the topic...

__Why Not?! __

"We bought an antique ring from a jeweler in Upstate, New York. It had been found by a plumber when he cleaned a septic tank. I love that ring and still have it." — Kristen, Montclair, New Jersey

"My ring is an estate ring; it's dated back to the 1920s from France and is one of a kind. Some duchess wore it. So fancy!" — Kristy, Snoqualmie, Washington

"I bought my own engagement ring before I met my husband. I loved that ring so much when I bought it, but I knew I couldn't wear it. It looked so much like an engagement ring that I put it away. When Danny proposed, I ran to get the ring. He was astounded that I was okay with this. He put it on my finger and we've been happy together ever since." — Shauna, Vashon Island, Washington

"My engagement ring diamond belonged to someone who was divorced. It's a gorgeous stone and he had it reset the way I wanted it. When you think about it, really, no one gets a brand new diamond straight from the mine, do they? And the history of my diamond didn't affect our marriage. We'll celebrate 21 years of marriage in May!" — Stephanie in Scottsdale, Arizona.


"I would wear a secondhand ring if it came with a story, a story of love and long-lasting marriage. My mother has a beautiful estate ring and I have always found it beautiful and enchanting." — Laura, Seattle

"The only secondhand ring I would consider would be a family heirloom. An engagement ring is a symbol of the love the man has for his wife, and unless it's an heirloom, I feel it should be chosen specifically for her!" — Hilary, Delaware, Ohio

No thanks!

"I don't think I would, unless we took the diamonds out and made a new setting. It would seem cheap or less-than to me and I don't think I'd feel right about it," — Kristi, Wichita, Kansas

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