9 Secrets to Keep Your Wedding Guests Dancing All Night Long

Updated 12/14/15

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Every bride wants the best wedding music for her big day, whether it be to set the mood for an ultra romantic ceremony or a fist-pumping dance floor. So to help you figure out your wedding-day entertainment, we've called on a wedding music heavyweight for her genius advice. JaKissa Taylor-Semple, known to most as DJ Kiss, fills dance floors for celebs like Pharrell and Madonna, and brides. Here, she spills her secrets for keeping your crowd up, moving, and happy on your big day.

1. Don't overthink your ceremony music.

When you're walking down the aisle, you're like, "OMG, I'm about to get married!" and just trying not to lose it. The last thing on your mind is the music. For my wedding [to Masud Semple, a.k.a. DJ M.O.S.], we had an organist who played beautiful soft music. Have a friend who's a singer or your heart set on Andrea Boccelli? Go for it!

2. If you can swing it, start the party with a band, then throw to a DJ.

But if you have cost constraints, a DJ is your best option. She'll bring her entire library of music, and when you have all ages in the room, you want to be able to change things up on the drop of a dime.

3. To land your pro, go dancing.

If you can find a club DJ who can handle a roomful of random people, you've probably got yourself a good one. If that's not your scene, ask your wedding planner, florist, and caterers about the best party they've ever been to, then hunt down that DJ.

4. Feel free to give her a playlist.

She has no idea what your musical taste is. Give a playlist to the DJ as a guide, then let her read the room and incorporate your picks into what she knows will work.

5. Make your first-dance song really, really personal.

No one can pick it but you. That said, I wish I'd thought of "Here and Now," by Luther Vandross, when I got married. The lyrics are almost like vows.

6. Pass out late-night snacks to keep people on the dance floor.

Also, personalized flip-flops. By hour five, everybody's feet are hurting, and I've seen bare feet go very wrong — like, hospital wrong.

7. Remember your parents.

My family is southern, and my husband's is Caribbean, so at our reception we mixed it up and made sure everyone heard their jams. Let's be honest, a wedding is about you, but it's also about your mom and dad, and they want to show their friends a good time.

8. Love, love, love the electric and cha cha slides.

Here's why: Not everyone is a dancer; a simple line dance gets everybody involved.

9. And when all else fails, play Michael Jackson.

If you can hear Michael and stay seated, you may not have a pulse.

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