Prepared Brides Don't Leave Home Without These Items in Their Clutch

Check out These Must-Haves in Your Bag

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In the world of wedding planning, a prepared bride is a happy bride, and even with a dedicated planner and a bridesmaid squad by your side, sometimes knowing that you’ve got everything you need in your own bag can be enough to ease some pre-wedding jitters—even if you never reach for it on your wedding day. While a stocked emergency kit is a must-have for any bridal suite, once you head to your venue, you’ll want an on-the-go stash just in case. But don’t worry, you won’t have to swap that perfect clutch for a tote that’s decidedly not bridal. These essentials will fit right in with your lip gloss, and every one of them will be in your bag for a reason.

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Bobby Pins

Once your hairstylist is done perfecting your waves or tucking your curls into an updo, ask for a few extra bobby pins that match your hair color. This way, you can tame any loose strands or pull back those face-framing pieces if they get in your way once you start dancing.

Safety Pins

A few safety pins will go a long way, especially if you’ve got bustle problems. Those perfectly placed buttons and loops work great in the bridal salon, but ask any recently married friend and she’ll tell you that at least one gave way when someone accidentally stepped on her skirt.

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Hear us out: Even if you think you won’t cry at all on your wedding day, it’s better to be safe than sorry—and tissues are actually not a bride’s best friend (especially if you can’t master the “dab, don’t wipe!” instructions from your makeup artist). Save your mascara and concealer by using a Q-tip to gently dab at the corners of your eyes when you feel happy tears coming. They’re also handy for cleaning up the edges of your lipstick.


You may be a gum girl most days, but your wedding day isn’t one of them. Whether it’s a pack of Tic Tacs or a miniature tin of Altoids, a mint is the best choice. Let it dissolve (or chew it!) and know that you won’t have to worry about finding a place to spit it out when you’re about to head down the aisle.

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Double-Stick Tape

If your dress has a revealing neckline, make sure you bring some extra double-stick tape in case things start to, erm, "slip." This is also great to have for a strapless dress if you’re wearing a corset or strapless bra underneath; a little double-stick tape will help your dress adhere to your undergarments to prevent any bra cups peeking out in photos.

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Mini Makeup

Instead of lugging around a whole makeup bag in case you need touch-ups before your grand entrance, snag the Mini Essentials Kit from trèStique instead. The pouch holds five miniature makeup pencils of your choice, from blush, bronzer, and highlighter to lipstick, eyeshadow, and concealer. Choose the shades you love, then zip them up so you’re not scrambling for lipstick when it’s time for portraits. (Mini essentials kit, $50, trèStique)

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