Priyanka Chopra's Wedding Henna Tattoo Paid Tribute to Nick Jonas in the Most Fitting Way

Hint: it's a subtle nod to his passion for music


Despite the extravagance of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's royal-worthy wedding last weekend (hello, 18-foot wedding cake and reported $500,000 budget), the newlyweds managed to incorporate subtle nods to one another throughout the big day, namely within their attire. Jonas, for example, sported a piece of Chopra's wedding dress within his tuxedo lapel. The bride returned the favor by inscribing her spouse's name (along with her parents') on the inside of both her wedding ensembles. But Chopra's tributes to her groom also went beyond her fashion—her henna tattoo paid homage to her musically inclined significant other.

As part of the Mehendi ceremony prior to the wedding, People reports that Chopra had her hands and feet decorated with elaborate designs using henna paste. One specific detail worth noting? The bride included a guitar on her upper right hand to seemingly allude to her former Jonas Brother beau. An Instagram photo of Chopra's henna creations also reveals a camel illustration on her left hand, surrounded by much more intricate detailing.

Henna expert Divya Patel broke down the custom, explaining to People that mehendi patterns have grown more and more complex. Currently, Indian brides want to "tell a story" within the striking designs, as was the case with Chopra. "Traditional Indian designs include peacock motifs, floral designs, bride/groom faces or figures," Patel added. The Quantico actress reportedly kept in line with the latter—Patel notes that certain wedding photos reveal a bride illustration on one of Chopra's palms, meaning a corresponding groom rendition may have also been drawn on her other hand.

Chopra also touched on Mehendi via Instagram, sharing a photo with Jonas from the occasion. "One of the most special things that our relationship has given us is a merging of families who love and respect each other’s faiths and culture," she wrote. "And so planning our wedding with an amalgamation of both was so so amazing. An important part for the girl in an Indian wedding is the Mehendi."

Typically, women close to the bride attend the Mehendi ceremony, but the groom clearly crashed and received his own henna. Patel also notes that family members or close friends originally applied the bride's henna, but modern to-be-weds have since enlisted the talents of skilled artists. "Nowadays, the intricacy of the patterns in mehendi is such that a bride will generally hire a professional bridal henna artist to apply henna for her big day," she said. "Choosing the artist depends entirely on the bride’s preference as each artist has their own style and strengths."

The mehendi itself even holds symbolic meaning. "The darker the color of the Mehendi, the more love the bride will receive at her in-laws and especially from her husband," said Patel. Judging by Chopra's gift from Jonas' mother, we think she's safe in that department.

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