Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Might Get Engaged Soon

It's another whirlwind celebrity romance!

Updated 07/19/18

Ricky Vigil

Celebrities have taken summer love to a whole new level this year. Rather than dabbling in flings, they seem to be falling hard and fast, making commitments that will (fingers crossed) last a lifetime. In a world of Ariana Grandes, Pete Davidsons, Hailey Baldwins, and Justin Biebers, who will be next to take the summer love plunge? Apparently, it could be Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra—E! News is reporting that Jonas and Chopra might be engaged within the next year.

The actress and former Jonas Brothers boy band member "are infatuated with each other [two months into dating,]" a source told E!. "Everyone around them thinks that they will be engaged within six months to a year."

News of the couple dating started at the end of May when they were photographed on a boat during Memorial Day weekend, but rumors of their love story started a year before when they attended the Met Gala together. Fans' speculation turned to certainty when Jonas took Chopra as his plus-one to his cousin’s wedding in June.

Since then, the couple has been photographed at many a family outing and date night this summer, only sparking more rumors about just how serious their relationship is. Earlier this month a source told E!, "Nick has basically been living in Priyanka's New York City apartment with her, and they spend a lot of time together. The next step is him permanently moving in, and it has been a discussion." E! Also reports that Jonas has spent time with Chopra’s family. "They spent time in India meeting Priyanka's family at a wedding," a source reported, adding her mom "absolutely adored Nick and thought he was very charming."

While they seem to be rushing through some of the traditional stepping stones to a proposal, like meeting the family (check!) and moving in together (almost check!), a ring on that finger might not mean a speedy wedding.

"They aren't in a rush to the altar anytime soon," a source said. "They are enjoying getting to know each other but are definitely still inseparable since going public with their relationship."

That doesn’t mean marriage is off the table. The former Miss World told Entertainment Tonight that marriage is something she wants. "I love the idea of getting married," Chopra told the entertainment magazine. "I totally want to get married at some point. I don’t think marriage makes you smaller or bigger or more feminist or not. Feminism basically is women saying, 'Give us our own choices without judging us.' That’s all it is. It’s not about berating someone. It’s not about proving a point. I totally would love to get married."

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