Why Princess Eugenie Doesn’t Need Queen Elizabeth’s Permission to Marry Jack Brooksbank

That's one thing this royal bride can take off her to-do list

Updated 10/05/18

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

For royal wedding round one, Prince Harry had to get permission from the most high—that would be his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II—before he could marry Meghan Markle. The Queen gave her formal blessing just two months before they were scheduled to walk down the aisle at their May 19 royal wedding via a formal letter to the advisors of the Privy Council. However, for the upcoming royal wedding between Princess Eugenie of York and commoner Jack Brooksbank, no such permission is necessary and it all has to do with Eugenie’s place in line for the throne.

Here's the deal: the ol’ 1772 Royal Marriages Act requires all marriages to members of the British royal family be approved by the sovereign—in this case, the Queen. If a descendent of the king or queen marries without consent, the marriage would be considered null and void.

Luckily for Eugenie, she doesn’t have to scramble to get her grandmother’s blessing in the next seven days ahead of her October 12 wedding. As Town & Country points out, 2013's Succession to the Crown Act further dictates that only the first six in line to the throne need to seek the monarch’s consent before their weddings. Since Prince Harry is sixth in line for the throne (formerly fifth prior to the birth of his nephew, Prince Louis), he needed the Queen's consent before marrying Markle. However, with Eugenie sitting pretty at ninth in line, she has nothing to worry about. That definitely has to take off some that pre-wedding pressure!

Despite not having to take on this intimidating to-do, Jack Brooksbank is still admittedly nervous ahead of the big day. With just a week to go until their wedding, Brooksbank told the Daily Mail, “I’ll need to take a few minutes for myself before the speeches because I’m terrified...It’s very exciting but I’m a little bit nervous." You've got this, Jack!

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