Royal Wedding Live: Prince Harry's First Words to Meghan Markle Were Hilariously Real

"I'm sh—g it"

Getty Images

In what may be the most relatable moment in royal wedding history, Prince Harry greeted Meghan Markle after she walked down the aisle with a hilariously honest expression of how he was feeling.

After thanking his father and telling his bride she looked amazing (which, it's worth noting, she definitely did), he let her in on a little secret about how nervous he was about the major moment.

"I’m shitting it," he told her in front of their friends, family, and millions of eyeballs around the world. LOL.

Like most grooms—even the ones whose weddings aren't being broadcast live to literally everyone everywhere—Harry was visibly, and adorably, freaking out while Meghan walked toward him down the aisle in her stunning Givenchy dress. Prince William, who stood at the alter beside his brother, was all smiles... though sadly didn't offer any sort of "wait until you see her"-esque commentary a la Prince Harry at the 2011 royal wedding. Maybe that would have helped poor Harry with the nerves?!

Of course, Twitter is having a field day with Harry's proclaimation. Because when else do we ever get to see the royals behave this candidly, especially in a church?!

Some other moments from the big day that prove these royals really are, in fact, just like us (minus the fact that their weddings cost $45 million)? Meghan Markle doing her own makeup, Kate Middleton repeating an outfit, and literally every single person (including Meghan's mom, Doria Ragland) wiping away tears at the whole thing. This wedding is the BEST.

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