Prince Harry Let Slip His (Incredibly Normal) Nickname for Meghan Markle

No, it's not "bae."

Updated 04/24/18

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images

It was no surprise that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry looked predictably perfect during the Invictus Games reception in Sydney on Saturday evening. The bride- and groom-to-be attended the event, hosted by Australia’s prime minister Malcolm Turnball and his wife in honor of this year's upcoming games in Australia, with Markle donning a green floral Self-Portrait dress and an Alexander McQueen black blazer for the occasion. Add Harry in his dapper suit and the couple's generally adorable aura, and you've got a pair of (unsurprisingly) flawless fiancés.

But, while the couple's charm and sense of style certainly didn't catch us by surprise, Harry's nickname for Markle certainly did. The groom accidentally let slip the nickname he uses for Markle—and it's incredibly (emphasis on incredibly) normal.

No, Prince Harry does not call Markle "honey," "sweetheart," or anything else equally cute—or annoying, depending on where you stand on the whole pet name thing. Instead, in a video captured by Daily Mail and shared by Elle UK, Harry's moniker for Markle is much less mushy. In the short clip, Harry calls out to his bride-to-be, "Meg! Meg!" in order to get her attention during the reception. Sure, the royals may not always be the most relatable bunch (with their multimillion dollar weddings and what not), but you really can't get anymore normal than that!

Yes, yes, we know that the nickname Meg isn't all that groundbreaking for a woman actually named Meghan. (Well, Rachel Meghan Markle if we're getting technical here.) But can you blame us for finding this little peek into the royal couple's private lives particularly sweet? To be quite honest though, this couple could boil a pot of water and we'd be captivated. No shame here.

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