You Can Now Get Your Hands on the Same Art Print That Prince Harry Gave Meghan Markle

Consider your anniversary gift covered

Updated 07/06/18


While royalty may have given Prince Harry an inherent taste for the finer things in life, it turns out you don't have to have a royal budget to partake in the arts just like this new groom.

Prior to announcing his relationship with his now-wife Meghan Markle, the royal redhead purchased a painting from Kensington's Walton Fine Arts gallery, titled Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, in October 2016. Created by British artist Van Donna, the diptych artwork features two separate white canvases—one with a black and white silhouette of a young boy and girl holding hands from behind, the other spray painted with the words "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" in a sprawling, blue font.

While it was never officially confirmed whether Meghan was the true recipient of this romantic and modern two-piece painting set, all signs seem to indicate so. A local art collector confessed to PEOPLE at the time that Prince Harry was on the hunt for a gift for "an important person," just a few days before their relationship went public. He also reportedly asked whether the two pieces of the diptych could be separated, meaning he may have been considering giving one to Meghan and keeping one for himself.

Van Donna Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Celebration Edition Diptych)

SHOP NOW: Walton Fine Arts, starting at $795

It's estimated that the original art cost a few grand, but you can follow in Harry's footsteps and earn major gifting points with your own S.O without breaking the bank. PEOPLE reports that Van Donna is currently selling a condensed version of the painting on the Walton Fine Arts website. The artist, whose professional alias meshes "Van Gogh" and "Madonna," has several variations available of the popular print, including a 21 x 21 cm framed replica of the stenciled children, priced at only $264.

If Meghan's already severely in-demand clothing has taught us anything, we have a feeling these prints will be flying off the gallery walls. Some of the artwork in the collection also has a limited supply, meaning you better take the plunge ASAP if you're interested in surprising your own partner. Consider your upcoming anniversary gift already taken care of, royal stamp of approval and all.

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