Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Finish Off Their Romantic African Holiday

Did Markle return home with a ring?

Updated 08/28/17

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's African holiday is (sadly) coming to an end. According to the Daily Mail, Harry is reported to have taken Markle to the Victoria Falls in Zambia, which is considered to be one of the seven "natural wonders" of the world. Named after the late Queen Victoria of Britain, the jaw-dropping site is regarded as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world. In what many considered an idyllic honeymoon destination, is the location where the royal finally pops the question? Quite possibly.

According to a previous report by Us Weekly, Harry wanted to propose near the anniversary of his late mother Princess Diana's death, which is this Thursday, so he can "associate August with something joyful." Even more, Harry visited Botswana soon after his mother's passing, describing it as his "second home," while adding, “This is where I feel more like myself than anywhere else in the world.”

If that isn't enough evidence, in the same report, the royal insider revealed that prior to the trip, Harry worked very closely with a jeweler to create the perfect ring, and added a special memento to the band in honor of his late mother. "[Harry] had diamonds taken from a brooch he inherited from Diana."

The royal is definitely taking notes from big brother, Prince William, too. As the story goes, William notably proposed to now-wife Kate Middleton while vacationing in Kenya. The 32-year-old could very well get down on one knee, and he's pulled out all the stops, too. "He's made the trip incredibly romantic," a different royal insider told The Sun. They'll go on boats across the lake, walk in the bush at dawn and camp under the stars. Who knows what will happen when they're watching a sensational African sunset together? Maybe he'll get down on one knee. Harry regards Africa as his spiritual home and has often talked of how he can get away from it all there."

Guess we'll just have to wait (impatiently) and see.

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