Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Going Into Private Mode

Harry thinks there's "too much hysteria" over Meghan

Updated 08/03/18

WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are both no strangers to the public eye, but the newlyweds have decided to put their fame on pause at the moment to seek out more privacy.

The royal couple has since retreated to a private cottage on the Great Tew Estate in the Cotswolds, according to Vanity Fair, for some alone time. "They spend a lot of time in the Cotswolds, more than people realize," a source told Vanity Fair. They are in the country way more than they are in London and they are enjoying a low-key and very domesticated start to married life."

And, if the press still has yet to pick up on the couple's "leave us alone" vibe, the Cotswolds cottage is conveniently decked out with cameras and security guards, to the point where no one can even get near the premises. "It’s very clear they want to be private and left alone," says a local citizen. "The property is in the middle of woodland and you wouldn’t know it was there. It is very remote which is why they like it. It’s like a fortress."

So, why the sudden hiatus from royal tours and appearances for the rest of the summer? According to Vanity Fair, Prince Harry has grown "uncomfortable" with the public's immense interest in his and Meghan's lives. Even recently, at the Sentebale Polo Cup last week, a photographer noted that "it was quite clear that they didn’t want the press anywhere near them."

Harry, who was quick to protect his now-wife from the press once their relationship went public, currently "worries there is too much hysteria around Meghan and he wants to row back a bit," according to a source, thus leading to their recent retreat from the spotlight.

To top it all off, the royal redhead is also apparently fed up with the widespread attention/family drama associated with Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, and warned friends not discuss the matter with the media. "They both expect a code of silence," another source revealed of the royal couple. "If you talk to the press you’re out."

Just in time for Meghan's 37th birthday, she and Harry deserve some much-needed R&R away from the limelight, especially considering the couple's media coverage has been non-stop since their May 19 wedding.

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