Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Couldn't Have Been More Adorable at Their First Royal Engagement Together

These two have some royal duties to attend to

Updated 12/01/17

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It's time for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to get down to business. No, not wedding planning. (Although they better get a move on that as well—the date is set for May 2018, after all!) These two have some royal duties to attend to. Only days after announcing their engagement, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took on their first royal work day in the English town of Nottingham as part of World AIDS Day, greeting the public and meeting civic leaders. You know, normal bride- and groom-to-be things...

After just becoming nearly-royal less than a week ago, Markle already seems like an old palace pro. The American actress attended her first royal engagement with her fiancé Prince Harry on Friday, where she was met with enthusiastic cheers from the crowds that lined the streets of Nottingham to meet her. "Hi, I'm Meghan," she oh-so-politely introduced herself to the people outside the city's National Justice Museum. They know, Meghan, they know...

The Daily Mail also reports that Markle spent her time weaving through the swarms of people, stopping to chat and telling them, "I'm so happy," and "It's such a thrill to be here." Is she charming or what?

Members of the crowd also gifted the newest (almost) member of the royal family bouquets of flowers, bars of chocolate and more, which she of course happily accepted. But with no royal attendants yet (every bride probable-duchess needs one), she was forced to juggle all her gifts herself! It's a rough life, but someone's got to live it.

Then, proving herself to be the most down to earth royal ever, Markle suddenly bent down and plucked up someone's glove that had fallen to the ground, returning it to its owner—who is probably preserving that mitten now as we speak.

Ann McGuire who attended the event told The Daily Mail, "She grabbed my hand and said 'I'm so glad you braved it to stand in the cold.'" Claire Saribi brought her children, who had crafted handmade cards and covered them in stickers. Markle crouched down to speak with the little ones and thanked them for their gifts, officially striking us all with Meghan Mania.

Later, Prince Harry and Markle headed to the Nottingham Contemporary, an art center, where they appeared at a celebration for World AIDS Day, before attending to other royal duties.

And wedding planning duties as well, we hope! There's only seven months to go!

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