Prince George Predicted His New Cousin's Name—Archie—Before the Baby Was Even Born

The little royal was using the nickname back in January

Prince George of Cambridge attends Princess Eugenie's wedding.

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Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor has had quite the day. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's newborn son was introduced to the world—and his great-grandparents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip—on Wednesday.

And while we've all been anxiously waiting to see the little guy and hear what his name would be since news of his birth on Monday, May 6, it seems Prince George has been clued in all along.

It seems the toddler knew something we didn't, or managed to predict his new cousin's name. In January, it was reported that George and his sister, Princess Charlotte, were playing outside near their maternal grandmother Carole Middleton's home when they were happened upon by a woman walking her dog. She, of course, recognized the young royals and struck up a conversation with them while they petted her dog. "Just to be friendly, I engaged in a bit of small talk, and I asked George what his name was, even though obviously I knew it," she told the Daily Mail at the time. "To my astonishment, he said, 'I'm called Archie,' with a big smile on his face. I don't know why he calls himself Archie, but kids often play with their names and I think it's lovely."

Of course, this is just one report—and it's not one of the nicknames the future king reportedly uses in school. Those include (also per the Daily Mail): PG (short for Prince George, naturally), PG Tips (a spin on the school nickname by his parents, which is also a common brand of tea in the U.K.), and the shortened version, Tips.

Even more astonishingly, as of late as yesterday, his parents Kate Middleton and Prince William said even they didn't know the baby's name.

So had George overheard his aunt and uncle discussing baby names and latched onto this one? (Markle and Harry said they didn't know the sex before the baby's birth before he was born.) Or perhaps they heard him use the name and fell in love with it? Or maybe they all just love Riverdale?

No further explanation of the newest royal's name origin has been provided, so we'll have to just wait and see.

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