Pretty Keepsake Marriage Certificates and Ketubahs

Updated 01/15/15

Courtesy of Jennifer Raichman

The signing of a keepsake marriage certificate or ketubah has become a popular part of modern weddings. Unlike your government issued marriage license and certificate (which, by the way, are still a legal requirement for marriage!), these keepsakes generally outline your promises to another and are signed by your friends and family on the big day. While not required to have a legal marriage, many couples choose to have these decorative documents created as another tangible reminder of their wedding day.

In Jewish tradition, the ketubah is viewed as a man's marriage contract to his wife, but are more commonly created for couples of any religion as a way to commemorate the day. Here, five pretty interpretations of marriage certificates and ketubahs that all couples are sure to love.

Jennifer Raichman

The Quaker-style marriage certificate, seen above, which highlights the couple's names, wedding date, and marriage location, offers plenty of room for friends and family to sign their names as witnesses. Marriage Certificate, starting at $125, Jennifer Raichman

Photo: Courtesy of Woodland Papercuts

Woodland Papercuts

This ornate, handcut paper ketubah is decorated with popular wedding flowers to symbolize love, fidelity, and friendship. And with a custom monogram, it's the perfect detail to personalize your future home. "Our Wedding Flora," starting at $585, Woodland Papercuts

Photo: John Morrison

Damara Does Design

This three-paneled wedding certificate is perfect for a large wedding, with plenty of space for your entire gust list to sign their names. If you prefer something smaller for just your closest friends and family, you can opt for a single panel that looks just as lovely.

"Gazebo Triptych," starting at $500, Damara Does Design

Photo: Courtesy of Once Upon a Paper

Once Upon a Paper

This abstract tree of life ketubah is a beautiful, modern representation of the traditional Jewish marriage contract that feels fitting for a contemporary couple. Customize the colors and text to be the perfect fit for you and your new husband. "Spring Tree of Life" watercolor ketubah, $185, Once Upon a Paper

Photo: Courtesy of Once Upon a Paper

Rifle Paper Co.

Decorated with dainty floral designs, this marriage certificate feels romantic yet masculine (thanks to that charcoal-hued background!) — it will win your groom's seal of approval, too! *Custom marriage certificate, price upon request, Rifle Paper Co. *

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