The Pretty Little Liars Finale Photos of Aria in a Wedding Dress Are Too Much

But there are still so many questions

Updated 06/27/17


OK, Pretty Little Liars fans, it’s the day you’ve been dreaming of for years—and we’re not just talking about finally finding out who A.D. is. As PLL gears up for its final two hours, we finally get to see one of our Liars in a wedding dress (not counting that fashion-show fiasco) and maybe one of them sporting an engagement ring on that finger. Before we say goodbye to Rosewood for good, there’s an Ezria wedding to attend, and from the look of the PLL series-finale photos on People, we’re in for some serious tears of joy. But let’s not forget, this isn’t the first wedding we've seen on PLL this season; Hannah and Caleb said a simple "I do" just a few episodes ago and, sadly, we didn’t get to see Ms. Marin in a wedding dress. Of course, the finale is a whole different story: Aria in a wedding dress, an Emison baby and potential engagement, Spencer holding the baby, the Liars as bridesmaids—there’s just too many exciting things happening here. From Aria’s wedding dress to the bauble on Emily’s ring finger, let’s dissect everything we know about the PLL finale wedding.

First of all, let’s start with the obvious: Aria is wearing a wedding dress! The vintage-inspired wedding dress by Claire Pettibone is quintessential Aria. At first glance, it’s a conservative choice for Ms. Montgomery (soon-to-be Mrs. Fitz)—but a closer look reveals a down-to-there illusion neckline and billowing sheer sleeves (two of our favorite wedding-dress trends) with finger-glove details, because it’s Aria. In a shocking development, Aria’s hair is actually pretty laid-back (read: no hot-pink streaks). And her makeup look borders on the no-makeup trend, which is a nice change of pace.

Now on to photo number two. The Liars are all staring at what seems to be Emily’s phone, and they don’t look happy. Finally, things seem to be making sense in the PLL universe, as no one can stay too happy for too long in Rosewood. The big takeaway from this photo? Emily looks to be wearing an engagement ring! Does that mean she and Ali made it official? Also, it looks like the girls are all wearing the same shade of navy, so can we assume that Aria has chosen navy bridesmaids’ dresses for the girls? So. Many. Questions.

Wait, the questions don’t end there. The girls are taking a happy selfie in another photo. Did they finally conquer the game? There’s also a photo of Spencer holding a baby. Whose baby is it? Is that the Emison baby? What is happening? Where is Ezra? Are Caleb and Hannah still married? Who is A.D.? Who designed Aria’s wedding dress? Where is Magic Mike? How did the moms get out of the basement? There are only two Pretty Little Liars hours left to answer all of these questions and more.

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