Surprise! You're Pregnant. What Should You Do if You Find Out Before the Wedding?

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Planning a wedding and getting married are already full of unknowns — How many guests will RSVP? What will the weather be like? What can we expect during our first year of marriage? — that you might be hesitant to throw any other major life changes (a new job or a big move, for example) into the mix. But what about a big change you only have so much control over? Yup, we're talking about a surprise pregnancy. Whether you and your husband-to-be have been trying to conceive or it is an unexpected surprise, a pre-wedding pregnancy will call for a few changes to your plans. Our experts have a few tips for getting married while you're expecting.

When it comes to your wedding plans, things may change depending on how far along you'll be on your wedding day. If you're still in the first trimester, you may not be showing yet, so you could avoid any alterations to your wedding gown (or having to buy a brand new dress), but if you'll be farther along, think about styles that will flatter your figure no matter how your shape changes. You might also consider postponing your honeymoon if you'll be far enough along that doctors aren't comfortable with you traveling. How you're feeling will also dictate how things go the day of your wedding, so be sensitive to signs from your body, whether it's morning sickness, sore joints, or exhaustion.

It is totally up to you if you want to tell your guests about your pregnancy. The two of you have every right to keep this to yourselves until you're ready to share the news. However, there's one person you should tell: Your wedding planner. Whether it's making sure you've got a mocktail in hand at all times or keeping a stash of saltines or ginger candies on-hand for any bouts of nausea, your planner will be your best ally throughout the day.

If you do decide to spread the news, the morning of the wedding is the perfect time to share with your bridesmaids. Definitely do this before you start hair and makeup, because there will likely be many happy tears! You and your groom could also plan a surprise for all of your guests, revealing it during your toast or adding a sonogram picture to the end of your slideshow.

Above all, be sure to take care of yourself. Emotions and stress can run high on a wedding day, and with a whole new batch of hormones coursing through your body, it's easy to get tired, emotional, or overwhelmed. Take a few minutes between the ceremony and the reception to sit somewhere quietly with your groom, task your maid of honor with keeping you well-fed and hydrated, and don't feel badly about stepping away for a few minutes for some fresh air. And, of course, congratulations!

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