7 Pregnancy Sex Positions You Should Try Tonight

Pregnant does not mean "closed for business."

Updated 10/24/19


Just because you’re knocked up does not mean that you shouldn’t be having sex. Just the opposite, in fact.

Countless studies have shown that having sex while pregnant is not only safe and totally normal, but can even play a role in an easier delivery and pregnancy overall.

Who needs a better excuse than that, right?

Plus, with all those raging hormones, you might find yourself hornier than you’ve ever been in your life. Again, totally normal. Take advantage of your wild sex goddess needs and get after it.

Pregnant bodies are beautiful bodies.

Now, let’s be real, being pregnant is tiring. You are growing a human life inside of you. So, when you’re choosing sex positions, always pay attention to your body and what feels most comfortable for you. If you need a few ideas, try these seven tried and true pregnancy sex positions.

1. Spoon

Spooning is usually the go-to position for women in their later trimesters. It’s an easy position for both you and your partner and doesn’t require a lot of cardiovascular involvement. As much as you want an orgasm, you may not want to overexert yourself.

This is a great position for body contact, and with all those hormones running wild, it can be comforting to feel your partner so close. Have your partner lie behind you like a big spoon and enter from behind. You can easily rock back and forth. Grab your vibrator for more clitoral contact.

2. Leaned Lotus

Sit face-to-face, and have your partner enter you while sitting on his or her lap. Lotus is a very sensual and simple position. It’s ideal for clitoral stimulation and intimacy.

The issue arises when your pregnant belly makes it difficult to mount your partner’s lap. To ease yourself in more easily, lean your arms back to add some extra space between the two of you.

3. Standing Missionary

The last thing you want is pressure on your stomach, so classic missionary is out. It just isn’t comfortable (and might even be a bit unsafe in your final months). Of course, there are ways around this.

Instead of regular missionary, try it standing. Lie on the end of the bed, with your butt at the edge. Have your partner enter you, standing next to the bed. This way you get all the deep penetration you crave without the weight of your partner crushing you. Put a pillow under your lower back for support.

Plus, being pregnant is exhausting enough, so the more positions you can do that require little effort, the better.

4. Open-Legged Spoon

Spooning saves the day during pregnancy. Try this altered style for even more relaxed (and creative) fun. Lie on your back, propped up with pillows. Doctors don’t recommend spending large amounts of time flat on your back during pregnancy so, being pushed up is a healthy alternative.

Have your partner lie at an (almost) 90 degree angle, on his or her side. Place your knees over his or her hip. You can use your hand or a toy to stimulate your clitoris, as you have optimal reach.

5. Oral Sex

There is just no beating oral sex pretty much ever. Pregnancy makes a lady tired. Your body is working very hard. You deserve to relax and be treated.

Studies have shown that many women get even hornier when they’re pregnant than before they conceived. So, get yourself some good old-fashioned oral sex up in there. The coziest way to receive is likely with your body propped back against a sea of pillows. You know, like a queen on her throne. Sitting in a chair is also a good choice.

Hopefully you have a partner who loves giving head because you deserve that in your life. If not, here's how to ask for more.

6. Forward Woman Superior

Cowgirl is kind of the worst when you’re pregnant because it’s just too much cardio. It’s like going to spin class wearing a twenty-pound weighted vest. So, get a little creative with it. You can still enjoy all the on-top goodness, you just have to make it work for your new body.

Lean forward so your hands are on either side of your partner’s face. Rock back and forth. You use your arms to take the pressure off the lower half of your body, making this position easier and more pleasurable.

7. Doggy Style

Doggy style doesn’t go out of style when you’re pregnant. Your belly is safely out of the way when your partner enters you from behind. Just be sure to stay on all fours, and don’t lie on your stomach during penetration.

For some, this position feels too deep during pregnancy, but go ahead and find out for yourself.

Gigi Engle is a sex educator and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.

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