Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Your Post-Wedding Brunch

Updated 09/16/14

Jessica Lorren Photography

With post-wedding brunches now becoming the new norm, why no throw a breakfast bash that truly suits you and your groom's personalities? Whether you're an artsy couple or just big kids at heart, here are five unique ideas that will totally rival the festivities from the night before.

1. Have a Field Day

If stuffy, formal brunches aren't exactly your thing, throw the ultimate recess for your friends and family the following day. "Let your guests play and blow off some steam from all the wedding planning by organizing a casual BBQ that includes fun games," suggests Nicole R. Matthews, CSEP, owner of The Henley Co, an event, travel and lifestyle concierge company based in San Diego. Think old school picnic games, like a three-legged race or a water balloon toss with bridesmaids verse groomsmen, his family verse hers or even men verse women, she offers.

2. Host a Hangover Brunch

Trust us, after a long night of dancing and boozing, your guests will be more than delighted to enjoy a little pampering. Matthews recommends putting together a "Morning After the Night Before" brunch with chair and foot massage stations, an oxygen bar to help get reenergized and a greasy food menu to help with all the hangovers.

3. Throw a Pottery Party

For the artsy bride and groom (and guests), a paint-your-own-pottery party is a perfect idea. "Each guest can create a piece to be displayed in your future home, such as a coaster set, where each guest paints one coaster, jewelry box or coffee mugs," proposes Stefany Allongo, founder and chief consultant of The Majestic Vision: Wedding and Event Planning Services. Be sure to bring your own bagels and mimosas to sip on while getting crafty too.

4. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Turns out, scavenger hunts aren't just a great idea for engagements (we're looking at you Jessa Duggar!), but they can also be a super fun option for the day after the wedding. "Have the final destination be a location that includes food," advises Emily Brandewie, catering sales manager at The Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC. "If you create a hashtag for the event and have your guest take photos along the way, at the last stop the hashtag can be pulled up and displayed while guests eat and say their final goodbyes."

5. Buy Box Seats

For the sporty bride and groom with some cash to spare, Allongo suggests springing for a box at a local stadium to catch a football or baseball game as your final hoorah. "Catering and game tickets are usually included with box rental, so you can just show up and enjoy the game," she notes.

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