The Trick to Finding the Perfect Plus-Size Wedding Dress

Updated 12/11/14

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Shafonne Myers, owner and CEO of Pretty Pear Bride, the world's only magazine for plus-size brides, knows a thing or two about fashion and weddings. As a certified wedding and event planner and a gal with a serious love of all-things weddings (and a former bride herself), Shafonne understands the unique challenges of shopping for a plus-size wedding dress.

Every bride wants to find a wedding dress that's perfect for their body type. And one key element to finding a flattering dress is the fabric. As a plus-size bride, this is very important because different fabrics hug your body differently. Here, three things curvier brides-to-be should remember when searching for the right fabric.

Go with the flow.

Plus-size women should consider choosing a wedding dress that's made of fabrics that flow. Think: chiffon and certain types of silks. These types of fabrics allow your dress to move with you, but at the same time it also accentuates your curves.

Stay sturdy.

Look for thicker fabrics since it will smooth out any imperfections. Sturdier materials like taffeta and heavier silks have the ability to conceal and hang on your body just the right way, which creates a streamlined silhouette.

Quality is key.

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a plus-size wedding dress is the quality of the fabric. Though it may be more expensive, quality fabrics will give your wedding dress a better construction, which will then give you a flattering and stylish structured gown.

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