Couple Says "I Do" During NYC Blackout

They partied under candlelight


Photo by Phil Chester

On Saturday, a power outage swept across New York City affecting hundreds of thousands of people. Broadway shows, performances at Lincoln Center, and even Jennifer Lopez's Madison Square Garden concert were cancelled due to the blackout. But one event that still prevailed among the darkness? A wedding at the Plaza Hotel.

According to the New York Times, bride Amy Rosenthal had just walked down the aisle when the lights suddenly went out. “A lot of people thought it was on purpose,” the bride’s brother, Justin Rosenthal, told the Times. “Like some kind of mood-lighting situation.”

After guests realized that the sudden blackout was not on purpose, people immediately pulled out their cellphones to shine light on the couple. “You know how like at concerts people pull out their cellphones?” he said. “That’s what happened.”

Under the glow of cellphone screens and the wedding photographer's light stand, the bride and groom said their vows, shared a kiss, and became husband and wife. The following day, Rosenthal reposted the spontaneously romantic photos on her Instagram story .

bride and groom kissing
Courtesy of Instagram/@amyros

During the reception, candles lit the venue and although the 12-piece band couldn't use microphones, they improvised with instruments that didn't require power and stuck to easy-to-sing classics so guests could sing-a-long. The power outage also meant that food couldn't be served at the reception. However, the bride was glad all of her guests made the most of the situation and still had a very enjoyable night “It was unbelievable. Everyone stepped up and were doing everything in their power to make the night a special one,” she said to the Times.

group of people at wedding
Courtesy of Instagram/@amyros

A wedding guest and friend of Rosenthal also shared a shot of her and the bride on Instagram with the caption, "What an incredible wedding for an incredible bride and groom. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen nor felt so much love in one room. A little blackout will never stop that nor stop the party."

The newlyweds finished the night with a kiss outside a dark Plaza Hotel, with the only light coming from a nearby car's headlights. New York Times reporter Emma G. Fitzsimmons shared a picture of the couple taken by the bride's brother on Twitter writing, "I’ve got a great story from the Great New York City Blackout of 2019. This couple was getting married at The Plaza. The lights went out during the wedding. They said their vows in the dark. No food; just candles. But they made the best of the situation and danced the night away."

While a power outage could be a bride's worst nightmare, this couple took it in stride. It's a night these newlyweds, and Manhattan, will definitely never forget.

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