If Your Wedding Is in 3 Months, Here's What You Need to Do Now

Updated 11/07/14

Annie McElwain

Planning a wedding requires the bride and groom to juggle many tasks all at once, and in between florist visits, bridal salon appointments, and negotiating with vendors, it's easy to get forget what has to be done by when. Enter, our planning checklist! Input your wedding date and you'll get a clear list of everything you need to do, month by month, in order to be ready by the time the big day arrives. This week, we're spotlighting what to focus on if your wedding is in three months.

At Three Months:

For couples in this final stage of wedding planning, it's time to get all of your details set in stone. By now, you should have locked in all of the big details — your dress, venue, vendors, and guest list should all have been secured.

This month, focus on all of the little aspects that will make your wedding come together. That means you, too, grooms! Your husband-to-be should be picking out his wedding-day attire, including shoes, shirt, tie, and cuff links. As for you, it's time to ask around for hairstylist and makeup artist recommendations, as well as scheduling your trails. And don't forget about your bridesmaids! Make sure their dresses were ordered and that you have a confirmed delivery date. You should also order your cake, confirm your honeymoon plans, and pick out any readings you'd like for your ceremony.

At Two Months:

Next month you absolutely must mail your invitations, giving guests at least eight weeks to make travel arrangements. You should also have your dress fittings, look into getting your marriage license, and finalize any décor details.

At One Month:

Finally, with one month out from your wedding day, you should be handling those last-minute necessities. Provide your vendors with all final details, including a seating chart, head count, and delivery details, as well as confirming any final payments. Pick up your dress and your groom's tux, pack for your honeymoon, and work on your vows and toast.

We promise, if you follow our carefully-crafted checklist you'll be well prepared (and stress-free!) on the day of your wedding.

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