How to Pull Off a Chic Monochromatic Wedding

Updated 02/17/16

While some brides love bright pops of color, others are hopping on the current monochrome trend and selecting just one or two shades of a single hue to use throughout the ceremony and reception. We love the idea of simplifying at least one aspect of what can be an otherwise overwhelming wedding planning process, and color may be a good bet. So how can you pull it off?

First, you should look at your venues. Rustic Wedding Chic founder Maggie Lord says you'll want to complement the setting rather than compete with it. "If you are going to say 'I do' in a barn, I would consider selecting a light color such as cream, silver, or light blue," she says. "A heavy color like a brown or dark green can make a wedding feel too dark and might be color[s] you want to avoid." Similarly, think about what would look good in both the ceremony and reception locations. What might work well in an old-fashioned or ornate church could backfire when it comes to a clean and contemporary reception hall.

Once you've decided which color you want to feature, then consider the specific aspects of the wedding that could use the monochromatic touch. You may not be able to pick the artwork on the walls or the carpet color at the reception site, but you can select some of the highly visual elements that your guests will notice upon entering the room. Lord recommends focusing on what's under your control, such as the flowers, table linens, centerpieces, and other reception décor, as well as the bridesmaid dresses. (Side note: Cream-colored bridesmaid dresses are super-hot these days so that may steer you in a certain direction.)

And don't get caught up in trying to make every little detail fit the specific color scheme. In other words, less can be more when it comes to monochromatic weddings. For instance, all white candles and flowers can look simply stunning, but you might want to limit yourself to just a few candles on each table to achieve the look you are going for and avoid overdoing it, Lord says.

Finally, an ombré effect can be a very romantic yet modern way of achieving the monochrome trend. Lord suggests working with several different shades of the same color to give your celebration a polished and fluid feel. She's also currently forecasting a rising metallic trend, so you may want to keep that in mind when choosing which colors will make your wedding sparkle (like that rock on your ring finger!).

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