9 Delicious Ideas for Serving Pie at Your Wedding

These ideas are as sweet as pie!

apple pie

Photo by Liz Banfield

Whoever said that a wedding had to have a wedding cake? For a more rustic, unique, and (dare we say) delicious dessert table, try serving pie at your wedding, instead. These fruit-filled confections aren’t just for backyard BBQs and picnics in the park these days! Pies can by nature skew a bit more rustic in look and feel, which is beyond perfect for a laid-back barn wedding or a garden party. But dressed up on a well-decorated display, pie can hold its own next to the fanciest of desserts at a black-tie affair.

You can choose to either swap out a traditional wedding cake entirely or add mini pies as a supplement to other small treats throughout the reception. (Trust us, people will be happy either way.) With so many varieties out there—from light and airy meringues to sweet berry blends—a table filled with pies is a hands-down crowd pleaser. For the ultimate in dessert-table variety, open up your selection to the larger pie family, which includes tarts (shallow desserts with only a bottom crust) and galettes (free-form pastries that wrap around a gooey fruit filling).

Because pies are a more “everyday” dessert than a fancy wedding cake, it’s likely that someone in your family has passed down a treasured recipe or two over the years. Make sure those pie varieties make it into the mix and let guests reminisce as they indulge. Or for a DIY dessert experience, set up a station with pre-baked mini tart shells, fruit compotes, berries, and freshly whipped cream, so guests can create their own pies personalized to their tastes.

For more sweet-as-pie ideas for serving pie at your wedding, browse below.

key-lime pie
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“Matt and I both have an affinity for key-lime pie, so we skipped the wedding cake and instead served 25 (!!) pies, one for each table,” says the bride at this Montauk wedding.

Fresh baked pies on a wedding reception dessert bar with flowing greenery and strings of lights
Photo by Max & Friends; Floral Design by Shindig Chic

Chances are, most of your pies are going to be round and have some kind of textured topping, which can look a little repetitive. Mix it up by displaying them on stands in varying sizes, with heights ranging from platters that are flush to the table to higher and more dramatic cake stands. Throw in a few simple flower arrangements to bring color and texture to the spread, or utilize fun and unexpected elements like this unique faux-bakeshop backdrop.

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

The only thing better than a delicious slice of pie is a delicious tiny pie that you can take with you as a wedding favor. Personalize the gift box with your new married monogram and include a small thank-you note. Don’t forget a fork; the pie might not make it past the car ride home.

Photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck

Slice up pieces of pie on pretty vintage plates for an Insta-worthy shot at your reception. This couple offered an array of flavors of pie at their celebration, in addition to their traditional tiered wedding cake.

Photo by Melissa Schollaert

Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner? It’s your wedding, after all! A mini pie at each place setting is the perfect vehicle to hold a simple calligraphed name or a sweet note from you and your beau.

Wedding Dessert Table
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Not all of your guests may be pie people, so it's always a good idea to give them other dessert options, too. This couple served a chocolate malt cake and a vanilla custard in addition to their apple pie.

Photo by Carmen Santorelli

At their fall wedding, this couple served up a serious pie spread that was perfect for the season. Flavors ranged from banberry (banana cream topped with fresh strawberries) to Earl Grey tea.

apple pie
Photo by Liz Banfield

You can't go wrong with a classic! We love this apple pie display that looks like it's ready for spring.

Photo by Jasmine Lee Photography

Since neither the bride nor the groom is particularly fond of cake, they decided to skip the traditional dessert and serve something they love instead: pie! At their wedding in Yosemite National Park, guests enjoyed slices of peach, berry, apple, and rhubarb pie from a local farm.

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