Pick Your Wedding Color Palette According to Your Zodiac Sign

Wedding table assignment with color blocks

Photo by Tim Ryan Smith

For many wedding-planning brides-to-be, selecting a color scheme or palette for your wedding can be overwhelming, but important. After all, the hues you choose can help set the mood, strengthen the theme, and affect the overall ambiance of your big day—not to mention they will be memorialized forever in your photos.

If you’re having trouble deciding what color or colors to feature in your wedding, we’re here to help. We spoke with expert astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright for her best color recommendations based on your sun sign.


You’re more likely to choose a darker, romantic shade like ruby red or a sapphire blue. Go for something that is less fire than the typical red you’re known for, and instead for more “forever” strong colors.


Avoiding anything too yellow, go for neutral shades of cream, and add pops of greens like moss or sage. These colors are timeless and classic.


You like to keep things light and airy, so embrace those vibes when picking your color palette. Periwinkle blues, pastel yellows, and honey hues are excellent options that reflect your personality and are also perfect for a wedding.


Vintage and classic is the name of your game. Incorporate wedding white with vintage rose or lavender for an ultra-romantic feel that fits all weddings, from garden parties to big ballroom affairs.


Gold is definitely your color, but be sure to be careful about pairing it with anything too bold, like purple—another color Leos tend to favor—or it'll look Mardi Gras (unless that's your plan, of course). Instead, try complimenting colors like lighter greens or emerald green accents for a perfect pairing.


You’re not likely to take this decision lightly, as attention to detail is a strength of your sign. You can’t go wrong with ice blue and white or light gray. And yes, you can pair ice blue and white without your wedding looking like Cinderella’s ball—we promise (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).


Soft and muted colors in the pastel family are perfect for Libras. Eggshell white, blush and pale pinks, and dusty rose should be incorporated into your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, and linens. Soft and romantic!


You gravitate towards rich and royal colors like burgundy, crimson red, and even black. If using black scares you, have no fear—for Scorpios, any deep, rich colors will work, and you can limit it to accent pieces and small details if you’re afraid to commit to too much darkness.


You’ll be pulled towards various shades of purple, especially plums and lavenders, which are already popular wedding colors. For something a bit different, pale yellow and cream accents are great options, too.


Embrace your earth tones, Capricorn! Soft grays, earthy browns, and chocolates all keep you centered and natural and make for excellent decor options, too.


Think water colors like turquoise or aquamarine, or incorporate white with a splash of purple. Feeling creative? Go for both. Combining blues with white and pops of purple can make for a truly unique and appealing color scheme.


Channel your zodiac sea connections and opt for pops of seafoam or pastel green with a cobalt blue accent. For softer colors, a light coral is the perfect option to incorporate in florals, accessories, etc.

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