Brits Are Signing a Petition to Make the Royal Family Pay for Princess Eugenie's Wedding

The event will reportedly cost the public two million pounds

Max Mumby/Indigo

Princess Eugenie's wedding is just around the corner (15 days!, and royal fans from around the world are waiting to see how these nuptials compare those of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But those not from the U.K. are probably oblivious to just how much the event will cost the public. Security for Princess Eugenie's royal wedding will reportedly cost taxpayers an estimated two million pounds, and Brits are not happy about it.

A handful of Twitter users have voiced their frustration over the costly situation, especially considering the royal family is, well, loaded. "She has no public duties, her dad's raking it in, and we pay £2 million for her 'royal' wedding?" one user wrote. "This is one of the richest families in the UK, which lives off the state. Grow up royalists. See the light, Stop hanging on to childhood fairy tales."

"Expecting austerity Britain to pay £2m for #EugenieWedding is outrageous," tweeted another. "Especially in the context of the higher priority of citizens who are homeless, rely on food banks, & when we can’t afford critical services."

Another user chimed in, "Every girl deserves to feel like a princess for a day. No girl deserves the public to pay for it. Dig deep Prince Andrew."

It's worth noting that the public did contribute to the cost of security at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. But people are so upset about this second royal wedding bill that a petition is being circulated around the internet that demands that Eugenie's family pays the security fees themselves. Drafted by The Republic, a campaign to replace the monarchy with elected heads of state, the document has amassed over six thousand signatures already.

“Charging one royal wedding to the taxpayer is bad enough, but two costly royal weddings this year is crossing a line," stated a Republic member, according to their site. “Royal spending is out of control, and taxpayers have a right to know how their money is being spent.”

Looks like you can't have a royal wedding without some kind of drama.

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