Avoid Awkward Vendor Payment Situations on Your Wedding Day with These Tips

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While most of your wedding vendors, like your planner or florist, will be paid in advance or through a series of deposits during the planning process, there are a few you won't pay until the services are delivered, like your officiant or the makeup artist. And while a simple transaction like handing over a check might seem painless in everyday life, the fact that it's your wedding day mysteriously gives this interaction the possibility of becoming more complicated — and incredibly awkward. So how do you make sure everyone gets paid in the least cringe-worthy way possible? Our experts weigh in.

The most important thing to do is have checks written for any and all vendors being paid the day of your wedding in advance. Whether this means writing the check yourself or reminding your parents at the rehearsal dinner, things will run much more smoothly if you've got a stack of checks made out for the correct amount and tucked into your purse. Better yet? Pass these off to your wedding planner or maid of honor! Then you won't have to worry about where the checks are as you're being zipped into your wedding gown.

Having checks written in advance also makes the day exponentially less awkward for anyone you're paying on your wedding day. Believe us, the last thing your makeup artist wants to do is send your dad back up to his room for his checkbook while you're having your portraits taken!

Be sure to know exactly who has which check, and make sure they'll be around when the vendor in question needs to be paid (so don't give all the checks to the best man, since he won't be there while you're having your hair and makeup done!). Let whoever has the checks know the name of their contact so they know who to deliver the check to.

If you're nervous about having checks floating around or would prefer that your bridesmaids not see how much you're paying for the hair and makeup service you're providing as a gift, tuck each check into a sealed envelope and label each with the vendor's name and the service they're providing. It's also the perfect spot to tuck a brief thank-you note!

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