Paul McCartney Posing for Pictures With These Newlyweds Is the Ultimate Celebrity Photo Bomb

"Dude, that’s Paul McCartney."


Turns out all your wedding day needs is love...and a cameo from a former Beatle. Joining the ranks of A-listers like J.K. Rowling and Tom Hanks, Sir Paul McCartney has officially delved into wedding crashing territory...well, wedding photo crashing, that is. And, of all celebs to casually bump into on your big day, this couple in Winnipeg, Ontario, scored big time.

Soon-to-be-newlyweds Jen Roscoe and Steve Gregg had been minding their own business, posing for wedding photos along the river near an outdoor bike path, when a familiar face rode past.

"One of my groomsmen said ‘Dude, that’s Paul McCartney,'" the groom told the Vancouver Sun.

McCartney, who had performed in Manitoba the night prior, wished the pair well, but continued cycling along the bike trail with two security guards in tow. However, once he completed the path and turned around, the couple approached him on his way back. Naturally, a photo with a star on their wedding day was a must-have, so Roscoe and Gregg requested his presence.

"As he was coming back up we said, 'Hey man, wanna photo bomb our wedding?' And he was gracious enough to stop," Roscoe told CBC.

According to Gregg, "the whole thing took about 20 seconds," but the couple's photographer, Laurie Dixon, immediately leapt into action and captured the entire interaction.

"We were like let’s just click as much as we can for as long as he’s here," Dixon told the Vancover Sun.

The couple officially tied the knot a few hours later, but running into Paul McCartney has got to be the cherry on top of an amazing day.

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