7 Pretty Pastel Flower Arrangements for a Spring Wedding

Pretty in pink...and yellow, baby blue, and all your favorite soft hues

Updated 03/27/18

Photo by Michael Radford. Bouquet by Tinge Floral

When it comes time to picking a palette for your wedding flowers, one way to go about making a decision is to go with the natural colors of the season. For instance, we associate fall with dusty, muted hues, summer with bright and poppy colors, winter with deep, dark, sexy tones, and spring with soft and feminine pastels. Of course, your flower palette will also be dictated by your venue, the rest of your decor, and the tone you want to set, but thinking of it seasonally may help you make some preliminary decisions.

We've been super into everything pastel lately—and not just for spring. But having a spring wedding seems like a perfect time to go full on with the sherbet-toned, light and sweet colored flowers. We're also believers that (if done correctly) the more you layer in feminine colors (almost going overboard—but not quite!), the less "sweet" it becomes. So to give you soon-to-be spring brides some serious inspiration, we found some of our favorite pastel centerpieces and bouquets from around Instagram.

Add touches of neon

Go full-on pastel explosion (in the best way) with something that incorporates, unabashedly, all the spring colors in one pretty, pretty package. We especially love the soft purple baby's breath—we've been seeing dyed baby's breath pop up all over the place!

Tone it down with muted shades

This bouquet is full of ultra-light tones so similar in hue that at first glance it kinda looks like it's monochromatic. Plus, a muted tangerine shade of orchids?! We're in love.

Don't be afraid to get girly!

Romantic and garden-party ready, this low and footed arrangement is a mix of some of our favorite springtime flowers, like these coral charm peonies and lavender tulips.

Find a sweet and delicate mix

You don't need all the colors of the rainbow to make a pastel punch, pick your favorite shade of one color in more than one type of flower and then add in some white and voilà!

Add a few brights

If you want to add a little a little spice to your peaches and blush, add in some pops of bright red to really make those lighter tones stand out!

Play with height

Mix variegated leaves and buds for a sophisticated pastel arrangement. P.S. these floaty clematis are everything.

Go beige

Petite arrangements can be just as dramatic! This one mixes pretty, blush hellebores with deeply dark foliage that's just the right amount of sexy (yes, flowers can be sexy).

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