Paris Hilton's Wedding Plans So Far: From the Dress to the Cake

This wedding is going to be... hot

Updated 03/12/18

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Since she announced her engagement in early January, Paris Hilton hasn't wasted any time planning her wedding.

The 36-year-old heiress spoke to E! News on the red carpet at Sunday night's 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards about her upcoming nuptials and all the plans for the big day.

"My sister and I have been in New York trying on all the dresses," Hilton said during her red carpet interview, as she held her dog Diamond Baby. "Now we're just trying to figure out a date, but definitely this year and definitely close to home. We're just trying to figure out which place."

But there is one thing she is very sure about: the wedding cake. Hilton said she knows exactly who will bake her cake, because it has sentimental value to her.

"Hansen's cake," she said. "I've been having it since I was little for every birthday party. It's the best tasting cake in the world."

Hilton has been dropping hints of her wedding plans over the past few months, sharing bits and pieces of what fans can expect of the presumably over-the-top day. Last month, the occasional DJ told E! News that she has yet to pick a designer for her future gown, but she knows already that there won't be just one. "I'm getting so many different calls from designers," she said. "Now I'm looking through all the designs and trying to pick which one, but there are so many gorgeous choices. It's hard to pick." She also added, "I love an outfit change. It's important to have the pre-wedding dress, the wedding dress, and the after party." Oh, same.

In addition to multiple dresses, the former reality star is also thinking of having multiple venues. Naturally. “For my 21st birthday, I had five parties, so maybe for the wedding, I’ll have a European one, an American one, one for everyone around the world,” Hilton said, according to Page Six.

But Hilton said that at the top of her wedding wish list? Her dogs. While making their way through an airport last month, the bride-to-be and her groom were bombarded with questions about their wedding when she mentioned that she'd like to include her dogs in the ceremony—as long as one of them can learn to carry a ring down the aisle.

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