Paris Hilton Already Knows How Many Babies She Wants With Fiancé Chris Zylka

This bride-to-be has major baby fever

Updated 04/18/18

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Paris Hilton is already thinking about her future family, and we just have to say: loves it.

The heiress-turned-DJ recently revealed to People that she can't wait to have a large family of her own, much like the large household she grew up in. “I loved growing up in a big family with four kids, with two brothers and a sister,” Hilton told the publication during an interview at the Colleagues Luncheon on Tuesday at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. “I want at least two.”

But the pink-and-princess-loving 37-year-old clarified that she would "definitely want a girl first.”

Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Paris' big sis, also gave People her input on her sister's choice to be a mama, and said that she has no doubts her younger sibling will make a great parent. “Paris is like a big kid. So, I think she’ll be an amazing mom. She’ll just do so many fun things with her kids,” Hilton Rothschild said. Her daughter is even going to have a special role in Paris' wedding, joining the bride down the aisle as the honorary flower girl. We're sure she'll be the most fabulous flower girl ever.

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Paris, who plans on tying the knot later this year, got engaged to her fiancé, Chris Zylka, back in January. The bride has already shared some of her extremely lavish wedding plans, which include multiple dresses, multiple venues, and will feature her dogs. We're not surprised though—the heiress was given a $2 million diamond engagement ring by her fiancé, so you know there won't be any expense spared for the big day.

If the heiress plans to parent her children anything like she does her dogs, they're going to be some lucky kids.

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