Should I Invite Out-of-Town Family and In-Laws to My Bridal Shower?

Updated 06/25/13

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Let's face it: everyone, even you or your bridesmaids, has to travel to at least one part of a wedding—whether it be for the bachelorette party or for the wedding itself. But should you still invite your out-of-town guests to your pre-wedding festivities? Our wedding experts are here to answer your etiquette questions in our daily post.

Should we invite out-of-town family and future in-laws to the shower?

Absolutely invite them. It's a nice gesture that shows you're thinking of them and wish they could be there, even though it's unlikely that they'll attend. By the way, you don't have to invite every female on your fiancé's guest list. A shower is supposed to be a party for a bride's closest friends and family members, so send invites to his immediate kin (mother, grandmothers, sisters) and maybe a few of his closest friends. It's doubtful that they'll think you're being greedy—in fact, they're more likely to feel slighted if you leave them out.

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