Oops! Oprah Broke a Major Etiquette Rule at Viola Davis' Wedding

Updated 03/11/16

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While the former talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, is usually known for her wild gift-showering episodes of Oprah's "Favorite Things" and other lavish displays of philanthropy, it seems like the billionaire may have committed a major faux pas in the wedding world. Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Winfrey's pal, Viola Davis, revealed that Winfrey didn't give her a wedding gift. The horror!

The How to Get Away With Murder star shared with the late-night show host that Winfrey and her plus one, Stedman Graham, attended her wedding sans present. "But you know what? I didn't ask her to give me a gift," Davis told Kimmel. It was clear that Davis wasn't bashing her media mogul pal, she was just answering Kimmel's questions about her wedding and what kinds of gifts she had received, according to Glamour.

To be fair to O (for whom we know money is no object), Davis and her husband got married for the third time over Valentine's Day weekend this year — which may have something to do with Winfrey's reluctance to buy her something off the registry. The reason? "The first time we got married with 15 people in our condo. It wasn't big enough," she said. "So three months later we went to Rhode Island with about 100 people, and everybody said, 'You know what? The best photos are candid ones.' We put disposable cameras on every table, sepia toned black and white. Honey, those kids stomped the hell out of those cameras. They took pictures of the floor, of teeth — there were a lot of toothless people at the second wedding. That's another story! So, I wanted to have another ceremony that was pretty where I got to wear the fabulous dress with the fabulous food." Fair enough, Viola. We totally get it. Third time's a charm.

Still, it begs the question: do you need to buy your friend a gift if it's their third wedding to the same person (with no divorces in between)? Here's to hoping that Winfrey comes around — or at least donates to a great charity in Davis' name. After hearing the backlash she's receiving from not giving a gift, we're thinking Davis will soon be getting a voicemail from Winfrey saying, "and you get a gift off the registry, and you get a gift off the registry..." or at least one of her favorite things.

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