Watch This Groom Surprise His Bride with a Special One Direction Dance!

Updated 08/25/14

Many grooms give their bride a thoughtful gift on their wedding day. But earlier this month, Seth Fickett went above and beyond to surprise his new wife, Natalie, with a seriously unforgettable wedding present. The gutsy groom, along with the help of his six groomsmen, broke into a choreographed rendition of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

According to Huffington Post, just after their early August nuptials in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, the groom took to YouTube to show off his thoughtful gift — and consequently, his dance skills. "I wanted to give Natalie, my beautiful bride, an awesome gift at the wedding reception. So I asked my brother/best man, Asher, to secretly help me choreograph a dance for the groomsmen to practice at the bachelor party," Fickett wrote on his YouTube channel.

After enlisting his brother to create the challenging dance, which includes everything from flips to trust falls, and even hoisting the bride and groom into the air, the group gave it their all on the day of the wedding. The result? An incredible routine that might even put the 1D boys to shame.

In the video, edited by the groom's dad John Fickett, the bride happily dances along and cheers on her new husband.

Fickett took to his Facebook page to thank his groomsmen for all their help, writing, "Over 50,000 views!! Can I just say how awesome my groomsmen are?!"

We love these amazing wedding dance routines, and have to say the energy and excitement from this wedding party makes this one of our favorite clips yet! Great work, guys!

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