Here's the Real Reason Olivia Wilde Isn't Rushing to Marry Fiancé Jason Sudeikis

Updated 02/18/16

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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis aren't your run-of-the-mill engaged couple. Apart from being, well, major celebrities and leading lives that only some of us can dream of, these two lovebirds, who welcomed their first child together, Otis Alexander Sudeikis, nearly two years ago, seem totally content on marching to the beat of their own romantic drum — and that includes being in no rush to end their more than three-year-long engagement.

News of their engagement hit the headlines in January 2013, and just a little over a year later, Wilde, who has a new lead role in HBO's latest series Vinyl, gave birth to little Otis. But, three years after Sudeikis popped the question, the two still have yet to tie the knot, leading many to speculate if these two will ever officially say "I do." But according to the 31-year-old actress, she and her main man don't need a marriage license to prove their commitment to one another.

"We are seriously connected," she told's The EDIT. "Before you have a child, marriage is the ultimate commitment and promise to one another, and then once you have a child, it's like, 'Oh, we're committed and promised already.'"

In other words? Nothing can shake their unbreakable bond! But, truth be told, we're personally ridiculously excited to see little Otis as a ring bearer in his parents' wedding. These two are known for sharing adorable (and hilarious) photos of their little one on social media, including this sweet tbt snap of their family of three that Wilde shared on Instagram, which shows their toddler son in possibly the cutest fuzzy bear costume to ever exist. "tbt to Otis developing his hatred for tiny bear suits.

futuretherapymaterial #winter2014." From bear to ring bearer? Yeah, we think Otis can make the leap!

But one thing's for sure: Whenever Sudeikis and Wilde do tie the knot, the actress will have to find a wedding band that complements her stunning and unique engagement ring. And if we thought it was gorgeous before, the story behind the gem makes it even more special.

"All they know is that it went through Paris around 1921," Wilde told Lucky magazine of the vintage rock. "I love imagining the story of this ring. Who had it? It's a bit of an aqua emerald, not a deep dark green. Jason said it reminded him of my eyes, which is very sweet."

So Sudeikis is both romantic and hilarious? Regardless of when exactly these two get hitched, Wilde is one lucky lady!

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