O.J. Simpson Gave the World's Most Awkward Wedding Toast at Donald Trump's 1993 Wedding

Updated 04/06/16

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Just six months before O.J. Simpson was on trial for double homicide, he should've been on trial for a major wedding guest faux pas! The BRIDES court in in session and we're calling The Juice to the stand. Before his 1994 arrest, the notorious football star (and current Nevada inmate) attended Donald Trump's ultra-lavish wedding to his second wife, Marla Maples, and had a few words to say about the bride and groom. He may be good for football tips and murder defense strategies, but you definitely wouldn't want to steal any wedding toast pointers from O.J.

(or sports memorabilia for that matter...).

Before he was the Republican nominee front-runner and she was a Dancing with the Stars contestant, Donald Trump and his now ex-wife Marla Maples tied the knot in an opulent Plaza Hotel wedding covered by 17 television crews, a gaggle of gossip writers, and 90 paparazzi photographers, according to the New York Times. The 1993 wedding was clearly the place to be for Manhattan socialites, the entertainment industry's glitterati, and, apparently, football stars. The former San Francisco 49ers running back may have scored an invitation to Trump's over-the-top "I do's," but his wedding toast however, was no touchdown.

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In a video obtained by Inside Edition that resurfaced just this week, O.J. Simpson can be seen outside of the iconic New York City venue, as wedding guests filtered in and flashing cameras tried to snap photos of the newlyweds. Stopping to speak to a reporter, Simpson decided to say a few words about the billionaire and his bride. "I think everybody in the country believes that maybe their relationship could work if this relationship works." Um, ouch...

Words like that are a knife in the gut to a bride and groom. (Sorry, that was in poor taste...) Perhaps bringing up the notion that if the union between an infamous womanizer and his former mistress could last (spoiler alert: it didn't), any marriage could pull through, isn't the best way to to commemorate someone's "I do's." Turns out O.J's toast was more akin to a roast.

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