BRIDES New York: The Best Bridal Hairstylists in NYC

bridal hairstyle

Courtesy of Eva Scrivo

When you're getting married, scoring the right stylist is almost as important as finding the dress. After all, they're the final experts to help finish your look before you walk down the aisle... You definitely want to make sure your style, vision, and aesthetic align! To make sure you are on the same playing field as your hairstylist, we have rounded up five of the very best of the best in NYC (Read: The folks who get the call from the most fashionable, in-the-know brides in the Big Apple).

Read on to learn which of these uber-talented pros is best for your wedding!

Eva Scrivo

Stylist, author, and media personality, Eva Scrivo is considered one of today's foremost authorities on beauty, especially known for her makeovers that attract clients countrywide. She's worked with a long celebrity roster, as well as with legendary photographers such as Bruce Weber, and as the lead colorist on esteemed NYFW shows. When a bride works with Eva, she is privy to her vast expertise in cut, color, and makeup, as well as an understanding of skincare, nutrition, wellness, and fashion. This allows her to help harmonize all aspects of a bride's appearance while creating a look that accentuates their natural beauty.

Paul Podlucky

With a client list that rivals the celeb and socialite-laden NYFW front row, it's easy to say Paul Podlucky knows a thing or two about style. A go-to guru for every social event in town, he's also a top talent for many a society wedding. (His Insta mirrors this vibe, with stunning portfolio work with Aerin Lauder and that just-right pale blonde that only a top UES stylist could pull off). From decades of working on set with countless supermodels and top photographers, Paul has been able to assist his clients with perfecting their posture and finding their best angle. Paul's bridal styles look sophisticated, yet modern—never overdone. Paul tells Brides, "I have a less is more philosophy. Soft, natural looks allow the hair and makeup to bring out the best features." Paul typically steers away from overcomplicated looks—if you're looking for lots of teasing and a heavy smoky eye he might not be your guy. He works from his home on the Upper East Side, where an intimate vibe with his clients helps foster his passion and creativity. When traveling for a wedding, he will only accommodate two people to ensure that the experience is a relaxing one.

Stacy Pitt at Styles On B

Stacy Pitt has been transforming hair for over 12 years. She built the groundwork of her booming career as both a graduate of the prestigious Horst Institute (now Aveda) and as an assistant under celebrity stylists in Beverly Hills. As her reputation grew amongst the A-List set on the runway and red carpet, she assembled her own (at-home) hair business in her native New York but was soon bursting at the seams with regular clients. Stacy's covetable Styles on B studio is a downtown destination for brides. She manages a team of like-minded artists within her biz, but her balanced sense of softness, elegance, and fashion makes her personal work some of the most sought-after in the New York wedding scene.

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