BRIDES New York: Best NYC Breakfast Spots for a Morning Bridal Shower

Alice's Teacup

It's no coincidence that the most important meal of the day shares a unique connection to one of the most important days of your life. Take your best brunch bunch to this list of NYC's most popular breakfast spots in celebration of your upcoming nuptials. From whimsical to sophisticated, these chic breakfast spots for an NYC bridal shower will bring new meaning to the words "wedding toast."

Credited for being one of the most whimsical spots in NYC, this hidden gem of delectable muffins and scones has been serving tea, and everything in between, for over a decade. With three locations throughout Manhattan, this family owned eatery creates as much festivity through their menu as they do through their charming atmosphere.

With a name as enchanting as the décor, this lower east side marvel is one of New York's best-kept secrets. Entering the Essex Street venue means finding your way through a pawn shop that hides the restaurant's secret doors. Once inside, the ambiance of glamour and sophistication slowly reveal the 10,000-square-foot restaurant, lounge and club.

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Photo: Sarabeth's

What started as a quaint pastry shop on the Upper West Side quickly became a New York City staple for Sunday brunch, baked goods, and legendary jams. With five locations spanning across the island of Manhattan, this renowned establishment regularly features items like Fat & Fluffy French Toast that accompany the 200-year-old Apricot Marmalade recipe that started it all.

Husband and wife duo, Dean & Maya Jankelowitz, have succeeded in developing the playful personality of one of NYC's most famous institutions. South African and Israeli backgrounds continue to bring inspiration to their menu of authentic Mediterranean style cuisine. Their first-come-first-serve motto has brought in everyone from locals to celebrities with a walk-in encouragement of all party sizes.

Photo: Cafe Cluny

Housed on the cobbled streets of West 12th and West 4th, this boutique bistro serves as one of the West Village's most delicious sanctuaries. Inspired by the famed Abbaye de Cluny monastery in France, founder Lynn Wagenknecht elevates American cuisine with gourmet menu assortments, and an elegant West Village attitude.

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