BRIDES Northern California: The Best Local Wedding Cake Bakers

Sweet on Cake via Onelove Photography

From classic all-white, multi-tiered masterpieces to imaginative creations that toy with convention, these Northern California master bakers have a reputation for whipping up the best wedding cakes in the Bay. Below, a guide to finding your own little slice of heaven.

Sweet on Cake (Above)

If you can dream it, self-described cake whisperer Amber McKenney can create it. From metallic-crested confections like the one pictured above to floral works of art, McKenney personally designs, bakes, and decorates every cake herself. Her stunning creations have received attention everywhere from society magazines to the Food Network.

Photo: Jesse Leake

Those in-the-know (wedding planners, bridal editors, local caterers) consider this Napa-based bakery the obvious go-to. And for good reason: Perfect Endings' jaw-droopingly gorgeous cakes not only taste as good as they look — they're served up with super star service (they've been known to save the day with last-minute orders on more than one occasion).

Photo: Instagram

The Cake Maker

Elegance abounds in all of Chef Bala's exquisite designs. Think cascading edible flowers, chocolate rolled fondant, or hand-formed white chocolate roses. Expect to find an understated, refined style combined with a dedication to using only the finest ingredients.

Photo: Courtesy of A Spoonful of Sugar

Do you eschew formality in the name of fun and want a final course that reflects your playful spirit? Look no further than Kathleen DeManti's Mission-based bakery. From Crayola-bright hues to vegan and gluten-free options, her whimsical designs cater to a free-spirited bride.

Photo: Courtesy of True Confections

Eco-friendly brides will appreciate former paralegal-turned-baker Judy Chadwick's conscious creations. Chadwick uses local, organic, and seasonal ingredients and environmentally friendly products in her one-of-a-kind cakes.

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