Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder Share Sweet Instagram Messages In Honor of Their Fourth Wedding Anniversary

"You are the love of my life, the only one who gives me butterflies, and I’m so grateful we get to experience this together."

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With four years of marriage under their belts, Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are more in love than ever.

The couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on April 26th with a pair of thoughtful Instagram tributes. "Four years ago we had no idea what we were getting into," Reed captioned a photo of she and her hubby kissing in a field on their wedding day "... I still have no idea if we’re doing it right, but I know we both wake up everyday and choose each other. We’ve seen a lot, we’ve done a lot, we’ve laughed a lot, we’ve laughed a lot of it off, and we’ve continued to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders, and truest support system."

She went on to call their relationship a "beautiful garden that continues to bloom," and finished off with a toast to the future. "May this next chapter be filled with curiosity and even more admiration for all the incredible things we still continue to discover. May we continue to ask each other questions and make-out in the backseat. You are the love of my life, the only one who gives me butterflies, and I’m so grateful we get to experience this together. Happy four years married my honey."

Somerhalder posted a photo from their wedding day to his feed, too, and shared similarly heartfelt sentiments. "I’m completely blown away by you... The bright purity of your smile is infectious to us all. We’ve traveled near and far learning, exploring, tasting, laughing, loving and raising our little one," he wrote. "Watching you in this new role and seeing first hand the true power you possess as a mother, an artist, a businesswoman and a real trailblazing leader into the world of sustainability and art is profound. I only wish I was half as bold and together as you. Whether dancing at our wedding, swimming across the seas, cuddling one of our furry creatures, jumping on airplanes around the world, snapping beautiful photos or sitting hand and hand looking at the ocean with a beer: we do it all together. It’s been nothing short of amazing to breathe the air of the bright blue sky all over this planet with you. Thank you for spending this life with me and thank you for all you teach me. Happy 4th Anniversary my human. Love, Your man."

The couple met in 2014, married in 2015, and this is hardly the first time they've shared their love for one another on social media. On Reed's birthday in 2017, Somerhalder shared a post calling her "the most amazing human I know..." And while she was pregnant with their first child in 2017, Somerhalder penned a very public love letter to her on the 'gram. And on mother's day last year, he posted a nude photo and sang her praises as a mom.

Anyone writing vows, take note.

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