Nikki Reed's Sustainable Lifestyle Company, BaYou, Just Launched an Engagement Ring Collection

Keep your wedding jewelry elegant and eco-friendly

Courtesy of BaYou with Love

Whoever said engagement rings can't be socially conscious obviously hasn't encountered Nikki Reed and her new collection. As part of her sustainable lifestyle company, BaYou with Love, the actress just launched an environmentally conscious line of jewelry that has eco-friendly brides (well, any kind of bride) written all over them.

Seeking inspiration from Louisiana bayous, Reed and cofounder Morgan Bogle, creator of Freedom of Animals, set out to design jewelry pieces that seamlessly blend the natural and fashion worlds. This capsule collection is no exception—setting these jewels apart from the rest, each 18-karat gold engagement ring is sourced from pieces of recycled electronics. After discovering that $60 million in gold and/or silver gets thrown away annually, Reed collaborated with Dell to help put an end to unnecessary waste. In lieu of gold mining, Dell’s U.S. recycling program supplies BaYou with metals extracted from used computer motherboards. Cool, right?

As for the engagement rings' gemstones, each bauble strictly features cultivated diamonds grown in California and ethically mined sapphires. And, further contributing to the brand's green rep, the jewels have been produced at a manufacturing facility in downtown L.A. that's dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and environmental impact. Read: drop hints and/or send this article to your partner, stat.

Courtesy of BaYou with Love

Rooted in a desire to introduce more sustainable products to consumers, Reed's engagement ring line proves that environmentally conscious creations can still remain synonymous with luxury.

"The BaYou with Love bridal collection is a new and thoughtful approach to traditional ceremonial jewelry," Reed explains. "This collection focuses on elegant and classic silhouettes, supporting our belief that sustainability is timeless."

Courtesy of BaYou with Love

Aside from engagement rings, BaYou also totes plenty of other eco-friendly jewels as part of Reed's One Earth Collection in partnership with Dell. From sapphire studs to delicate opal rings, there's no shortage of wedding-worthy picks to potentially sport on the big day. Your groom can even take advantage of the line's cufflinks set (hello, day-of gift).

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As fully evidenced by Nikki Reed's brainchild turned business, reducing waste has never looked more glamorous. Check out both ready-to-wear jewelry collections now on BaYou's website, and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for shopping with Mother Nature in mind.

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