What You Should Include in Your Newspaper Wedding Announcement

She Wanders

*It's no secret that wedding's have gone digital. From social media regulations to pre-ordained hashtags, everything is about announcing your latest relationship developments via your social networks. But, what if you, like Benedict Cumberbach, want to go Old School and publish a wedding announcement in the newspaper? Here's everything you need to know about the sweet custom of announcing your marriage in a newspaper like your parents and grandparents before you. *

There's something so official and long-lasting about announcing your marriage in a newspaper. While as a society this is no longer the norm, it's a nice way to not only share your newlywed status, but make your parents and grandparents happy, who likely did the same in their day. It's also an easy way to share your new name with the world — or declare that you're keeping your maiden name, if that's what you want. Generally, newspapers like to receive all of the information about your big day three weeks ahead of time and will likely provide a form to fill out. If not, you can request one, but, according to Emily Post's Weddings be prepared to share the following information:

• The bride and groom's full name, age and town of residence

• The bride and groom's parents's names and towns of residence

• The bride and groom's occupations

• The bride and groom's parents's occupations

• The bride and groom's maternal and paternal grandparents

• The bride and groom's school, college, and degrees applicable

• The date and location of the wedding's ceremony and reception

• The names of both the bride and groom's attendants and relationship to the couple if applicable

• The name of the officiant

• Description of the wedding dress and bouquet (if you want)

• Where the couple plans to honeymoon

• Where the couple will live post-nuptials

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