BRIDES New York: The Best Estate Wedding Venues

Updated 11/11/15

Courtesy of Cedar Lake Estates

New York is home to all things extravagant, glamorous, and picturesque, so it's only fitting that we roundup a list of the Empire State's most elite estate venues. We've covered everything from the Hudson River Valley's renowned Cedar Lakes Estate, to the rustically chic Tarrytown House Estate in Westchester. Each of these classic estates delivers a unique, and traditional, backdrop to your big day.

Simplicity meets romanticism when it comes to the foundation for this celebrated Hudson River Valley estate. 70 miles outside of New York City, this 500-acre retreat comes equipped with lavish forest views, red lake surroundings, and expansive outdoor scenery. A perch on top of the adjacent Shawangunk Mountains provides a striking rural backdrop fit for any outdoor wedding.

Photo: Courtesy of Tarrytown House Estate

19th century mansions emphasize the charming historical personality of this esteemed estate. Amenities include an on-staff wedding consultant as well as an executive chef prepared to personalize menu selections fit just for you and your fiancé. Storybook views embody the scenery hidden within the surrounding lush forests and gardens.

Photo: Courtesy of Tappan Hill Mansion

Tappan Hill Mansion

Previously home to legendary author Mark Twain, this historic estate is now the stunning example of elegance and literary culture fit to wed any bride-to-be. Bridal suites available upon request, a variety of garden terraces, and special event management services deliver a seamless transition between relaxation and celebration.

Photo: Courtesy of Topping Rose House

After a recent renovation to preserve some of the property's former features, this 1840's estate continues to provide guests with full-service luxury and elegance right in the heart of Bridgehampton. The geographical benefits of this classic estate allow guests to stay within walking distance of some of the Hamptons finest shops and cafes.

Photo: Courtesy of Glenmere Mansion

This 150-acre hilltop mansion is saturated with some of New York's most lush gardens and grounds. A former host to royalty, this luxury hotel and spa houses up to 18 guests proving exclusivity as one of the estate's leading accommodations. The interior marble details mirror the exterior lavish gardens that display a variety of sceneries to accompany any celebration.

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