New Year's Resolutions That Have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss

"Shedding for the wedding" (or new year) just isn't our thing

Updated 12/31/18
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It’s not even New Year’s Day yet and already our social media feeds are flooded with ads for cleanses, gym memberships, diet programs, and other offers by companies hoping to cash in on one of the most popular new year's resolutions—weight loss.

To each their own, but "shedding for the wedding" (or new year) just isn't our thing. While losing weight and getting healthy and fit are wonderful aspirations, there are many other helpful resolutions to make, too.

Since the combination of your engagement and ushering in 2019 is a great time to start fresh, we rounded up some of our favorite new year's resolutions that can improve your life, health, and relationships—all while having nothing to do with what the scale says.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2019, brides-to-be!

Be Present

Before smartphones and 24/7 emails, it was hard enough to be fully present in all that you do. But now in an age of constant connectivity, it’s even more difficult. By resolving to be more present in the new year, you’ll be able to experience events more actively, communicate more clearly, improve your memory and attention to detail, and—most importantly—give undivided attention to those you care about. By committing to have even just one phone-free hour per day, you’ll feel a big difference.

Practice Wellness

When people tell you to “take care,” take it to heart. There’s a bit of a wellness revolution happening throughout the country right now, and it isn’t too hard to find at least one small way you can practice better self-care. Physically and mentally restorative acts like a yoga class, a hot cup of tea or a bubble bath, treating yourself to a massage, or even just a five minute meditation session are all just a few ways to improve your overall wellbeing. Wellness is what you make of it as you meet your own personal needs, whatever they may be. Stress management, improved sleep, taking time for yourself, or finding a work/life balance are all resolutions that would fall under this umbrella, too.

Manage Your Time

Life is busy enough, but when you throw wedding planning into the mix it can get straight up chaotic. Even if you have the best intentions, you may find yourself overcommitting, cramming your calendar, working through lunch breaks, and feeling depleted by the end of the day. By vowing to manage your time better, you can ease some stress and find a routine that works for you. Perhaps you’ll commit to waking up a half an hour earlier than usual to get a head start on the day, in exchange for a lunch break all to yourself later on. Or, maybe you’ll use this as an excuse to splurge on a fancy new planner to keep your day organized and avoid an agenda that even Wonder Woman couldn’t maintain. Whatever this may look like to you, zeroing in on ways to improve the way you spend your time will drastically improve productivity and planning.

Be More Organized

Feeling cluttered? Tired of not being able to find things right when you need them? Resolve to be more organized. Keep things tangible, like cleaning out your closet, organizing your pantry, or getting that email inbox down to an invigorating 0 and keeping it that way each week. Wherever you feel a bit of staleness or crowding in your life, seek to clean it up (literally or figuratively) and you might find yourself breathing a bit easier.

Read More

Well you’re reading this, so that’s a start. But when is the last time you’ve curled up with a good book or magazine and really dove in? If it’s been a while, resolve to read more and head straight to the bookstore (or Amazon), find something that piques your interest, and dive right in. Once you start, make it a point to set aside time each day (or each week) to devote to just reading. You’ll find your mind quiets, your body relaxes, and your brain engages in ways that just don’t happen by scrolling through your feed.

Find a New Hobby

In such a fast paced society where we’re always on the go, hobbies are sometimes hard to come by these days. (And no, Instagram is not a hobby.) But finding an activity you enjoy that has nothing to do with your professional life is an awesome way to find an outlet, meet new people, and lose yourself for a bit within a skill, task, or activity that you love. Learn a new language, start a DIY project, tackle something that’s been on your Pinterest board since 2014—whatever it is, make it happen!

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